Bookstagram highlights of 2015

Happy New Year’s Day! Because its the beginning of 2016, I’ve decided to do a bit of reflecting on this past year. Along with starting this blog in July 2015, I started an Instagram account filled with bookish photos. While the blog has been a great platform to share my words with the world, Instagram has been a way to show my photos. These photos are mainly of what I’m currently reading, my cozy socks, creamy lattes and mugs of tea!

In the past few weeks I’ve made some big jumps in the Instagram community that I am VERY excited about! It’s the type of excitement that has me literally jumping up and down. Here are the highlights of 2015:

1.Random House (@randomhouse) reposted my photo on their account for over 35,000 followers!

To make it even sweeter, my photo of Sara Gruen’s At the Water’s Edge, made Random House’s top nine photos of 2015 based on the number of likes!

2. Hachette Book Group (@hachettebooks) reposted one of my photos of After The Crash on their account.

3. Books and Beans (@booksandbeans) is a popular account with 126,000 followers and one of my photos was reposted on their account.

With just over 2,000 Instagram followers, I still can’t believe that this many people want to see my posts! Please feel free to look me up at @dreambyday_bookreviews, I would love to connect with you all on Instagram!

22 thoughts on “Bookstagram highlights of 2015

  1. Wow that is so amazing! Your photos are incredible so it’s all well-deserved. Around November the Tor Teen Instagram account reposted one of my photos (Truthwitch & Vicious) and then followed me back. It was definitely one of my favourite moments of 2015!

    I’m sure you’ll get even more traffic since your Instagram is awesome & you have a great blog! Happy New Year!


    1. Thank you Adriyanna! That is so nice of you to say! Congratulations on being reposted my the Tor Teen Instagram account- that’s so awesome! Haha I totally understand the feeling, it’s so exciting to be reposted!

      Happy New Year to you too! I’m looking forward to seeing your blog posts this year. 😊

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      1. Yes I’m very lucky and most events are free because they’re hosted by a public library. I’m lucky to be in Toronto. Usually that and Vancouver are the most popular tour spots in Canada.


  2. I’ve always been stricken by the photos on your blog! They’re amazing and so eye-catching. I rarely do Instagram, but I’m going to have to check yours out!


  3. I’ve been trying to bookstagram but it’s a struggle keeping 1 personal instagram and one for books 😦 I made a Facebook page instead


  4. Congrats on the awesome reposts! I put a lot of books on my instagram, but it’s pretty much just a what’s making me happy/driving me crazy and more often than not it’s books 🙂


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