Library Lovin’

I’ll come right out and say it; I LOVE the library. The public library is a dear friend of mine; always sharing books with me without asking for anything in return. Besides a request for timely book returns, which I try my best to follow through on, the library is a giver.

During one holiday season, most of my on-hold books all became ready at once, leaving me to check out 30 books during one visit. To many staring eyes, I carried my 3 bags of books out with a beaming smile. Although I’ve been raised to be familiar with the library (thanks mom!) I still feel like I’m getting away with something when I walk out carrying the newest Liane Moriarty novel at no cost to me. In my head I’m thinking, “I can’t believe they’re letting me read this new hardcover book listed at $27.95 for free!”

Besides the free books aspect (definitely the biggest draw), the library brings all sorts of people together in the union of book love. The sticky fingered five-year-old standing behind the curly haired retiree standing next to the business suit clad gentleman carry the latest iPhone. The library is a community and a getaway all rolled into one.

I should point out that my city’s library system is very well stocked and makes it pretty easy to find the books that I want. Do any of you use the public library??

12 thoughts on “Library Lovin’

  1. As a public librarian, you sharing a positive experience is super appreciated. There are far too many people in the world who still believe libraries are “dinosaurs” and should no longer be funded, but we really appreciate the patronage! No librarian gets into it for the money (we do it for a love of reading and learning!), so I’m always really happy to see book lovers publicly sharing library love, not just bookstore appreciation. Thank you!


    1. Of course! It makes me sad to think that some people don’t see the importance of public libraries. Not only do I get to read a wide range of books, I get to meet other book lovers as well who I might not normally cross paths with! Thank you for your work with the library 🙂

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  2. Our library isn’t too large, do it doesn’t get new releases as soon as others might, but I love it all the same. They are currently in the process of expanding it, I’ll be excited to see it when it’s finished!


  3. Great post! I love my public Library. I’m there every few weeks! It’s a great way to read all the latest releases without breaking the bank at all. Although my Library is small (I’m from a very small town), I never cease to find great books to read for free!


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