The brilliance of Harry Potter on audio

 I have to hand it to Jim Dale, he does a fantastic job of narrating the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling on audiobook. While I prefer reading the books myself, I’m happy to listen to Dale narrate as I get ready for the work day or as I do chores around the house. The problem I find with many audiobooks is the narrator’s voice, which usually ends up distracting me from the actual story. I think that Dale does a great job of capturing each different characters’ accent and tone of voice really well. In this case I actually think he helps the book come alive because I get so sucked into the story that I honestly forget I’m listening to an audiobook
I’m currently listening the the fifth book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I had forgotten how funny the Weasley twins are and find myself cracking up at their pranks and experimental magical creations.

So if you haven’t tried listening to the Harry Potter series on audio – I highly recommend it. Not many people have time to sit down to read a seven book series, but listening to an audiobook is much more plausible. It honestly might be the only thing that makes cleaning the bathroom a not-so-bad task.

27 thoughts on “The brilliance of Harry Potter on audio

  1. I have really gotten into audio books this year. (I just finished listening to 10 of The Dresden Files books!) Thanks for the recommendation, I wasn’t thinking about listening to Harry Potter!


  2. That sounds good. Coincidentally, I was just reading about Jim Dale being the narrator of the series ‘Pushing Daisies’. I didn’t realize it was him at the time, but always loved the voice. Thank you for the heads up.


  3. Jim Dale is the BEST!!! I had no idea he narrated the Harry Potter audiobooks, too! I have listened to a few of his and he just has the best voice. Did you ever watch the show Pushing Daisies? He narrated that show, too (it’s one of my all time favorites, you should look it up!)


  4. I have never in my life listened to an audio book, but I HAVE read the Harry Potter series more times than I’d care to admit over the years. This is intriguing though! I may be making a 10+ hour drive to Canada to visit the new Harry Potter bar at some point in the near future, so I think I’ll put this on the TBLT (is that a thing?) list!


  5. I have heard from a couple of people that Jim Dale’s Harry Potter audio book is epic! I’ve never given audio books a try, but it would definitely help increase the number of books I consume since I could listen to them during chores etc… Maybe I’ll start with this one 😉


  6. It’s a completely different experience I find, listening to a book. If you’re a writer yourself, you notice the technical things much more. There’s a good free site called LibriVox with readings by volunteers who are pretty good.


  7. My first audio book was a Ruth Rendell classic. Can’t remember the name.
    Nothing like having a bedtime story at the age of 49. 🙂
    Or when washing the bath.


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