FIND HER by Lisa Gardner

FIND HER by Lisa Gardner“Nobody wants to be a monster.” – FIND HER by Lisa Gardner.

FIND HER is so good. And by good, I mean really, really good. Gardner brings us the story of a survivor, a fighter, and a kidnap victim, Flora Dane. This dark thriller is filled with unexpected twists and presents a very unique perspective into the trauma of kidnapping and the long-term psychological effects of such an experience.

Flora Dane has been through the worst when she was kidnapped and held captive for 472 days. 5 years following her abduction, Flora is still having trouble readjusting to normal life. When Detective D.D. Warren finds Flora by the side of a man who has just been burned to death, she is suspicious. She’s even more suspicious when Flora disappears the next day…

Flora is an incredibly strong character whom I couldn’t help but respect. After her abduction, she has extensive insight into criminal minds and is extremely resourceful. Whether it’s a mattress coil or a plastic straw, she looks at anything she has access to as a tool.

Gardner brings up the difference between surviving a traumatic ordeal and actually living afterwards. A very well-researched book, Gardner explores the conflicting feelings of abduction and the extent that Flora needed to go to in order to survive. I definitely recommend FIND HER!

I received a free copy of Find Her by Lisa Gardner in exchange for an honest review. FIND HER is released on Tuesday, February 9, 2016.

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