Amazon’s first physical bookstore

Amazon's physical bookstoreA few weeks after opening, I finally visited the Amazon bookstore in the University Village shopping center of Seattle, Washington.

The first thing I thought (along with just about everyone else hearing the news) is that it’s ironic that Amazon has decided to come out with a physical bookstore when they grew in size and scope by putting so many other physical bookstores out of business.

As far as appearance goes, the bookstore is pretty nice! The store is brightly lit, with rows of bookshelves along with areas designed for handling and testing out kindle products. News coverage of the store has explained that it is different from other bookstores because Amazon is using its huge database to stock  only  products that they believe will sell in a timely manner. Reps from Amazon have also said that instead of the spine out displays that are typical and are able to fit more books, they will show the book faces. This way the books each get more space and are easier to browse through.

Ironic or not, I love a bookstore and Amazon may be onto something with how they stock and display books. Either way, only time will tell the success of Amazon’s first physical bookstore and whether there will be more to come in the future….

32 thoughts on “Amazon’s first physical bookstore

  1. Vert interesting concept! I wonder how successful it would be. The part that bums me out is that Amazon put so many brick and mortar bookstores out of business – especially small, locally-owned ones, so it’s weird to see them creating what they tried to stamp out. It’ll be interesting to see what happens…

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    1. I agree, I don’t think I’ll shop at this store, mostly because I try to support local bookstores when I can and I use amazon to get books that I can’t find in store and want to get quickly.

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  2. Wow I had no idea Amazon decided to open a physical store! I like the idea of being able to see the books and stocking only what they think will sell! Seems like a good business strategy, plus I can see in your photo the prices are the same. At least people can choose and inspect their own copies.


  3. Amazon opening its first storefront operation is HUGE news–it’s so exciting that you got to check it out firsthand. I agree, it is ironic–and, well, pretty confusing–that Amazon decided to open a physical bookstore, but it’s still interesting. After reading your post I feel like I got to visit it, too. 🙂

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  4. I like how they’ve chosen to stock the shelves, it makes looking for a specific book much easier I imagine. I know personally I often end up going to a bookstore for one book in particular and I forget the author’s name and title of the book but know the cover 😛

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  5. Reblogged this on newauthoronline and commented:
    An interesting post by a lady who has visited Amazon’s first and (thus far) only physical bookstore. It wouldn’t surprise me where Amazon to consider opening a shop in London always assuming, of course that their US bookstore is a success. Kevin


  6. I had no idea Amazon was opening a brick and mortar store. Certainly is a curious move, but I’m always happy to see support for actual books versus e-books. I wish local bookstores would adopt the new front-facing displays! Seattle’s on my list of places to visit so this store will definitely be added to the itinerary : )


  7. Love the idea of books being displayed ‘face forward.’ It’ll definitely result in more being looked at.
    I love bookstores. And vinyl records stores. So much so, that my wife treats like creches, leaving me in one, and coming back to collect me when sh’e done her shopping. 🙂

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  8. I love a bookstore but like others have commented shoppers going to Amazon has resulted in the closer of lots of independent, wonderful bookshops. I try to avoid chain coffee shops and support small independent cafes. I think I will do the same with bookshops whenever I can. I don’t buy from Amazon but I have occasionaly bought books online from eBay bookstores.


  9. This reminds me of an online retailer and chain store soon to be booting out a local bookstore that’s been around for years. The neighborhood will never be the same again. Literacy exchanged for cheaper clothes; what a terrible, terrible mistake!


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